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Embroidery Machine Basics

Hello There!

I bought my Pfaff Creative Vision 5.5 in 2010. It was my first embroidery machine, and I loved it since then. There is nothing that I cannot stitch with that machine.

If you plan to buy your first embroidery machine, make sure that certain features such as speed control, large touch screen, IDT system and more are included, and that a variety of hoops sizes are offered. They will definitely provide with better stitch out results. There are several brands out there and they are all good machines. My advise is to choose a brand that is local in your area. A good customer service and a 101 assistance are fundamental to any new embroidery machine owners.

EDB Blog 1Each embroidery machine reads a different embroidery format. Check your manual to find out which one is preferable to use with your machine. My embroidery machine reads VP3, but I can also use VIP, HUS, PES and few others.

Keep your machine clean, updated, and serviced at all time. Here are few tricks to keep in mind for a better performance.

Use a can of Duster Air to keep your bobbin area free of lints.

When changing the threads, make sure to clip the thread from the top and pull the left over thread from the bottom. This will prevent any shreds to mess up your tension.

EDB Blog 2 EDB Blog 3Keep you bobbin area nice and clean and make sure your bobbin is full before starting any embroidery projects. It is not fun to remove your hoop in the middle of a project to change the bobbin. 🙂

When you insert your bobbin make sure that the direction is right and that it goes tightly through the tension tabs.

EDB Blog 4When buying your thread, do not forget to get bobbin threads as well. Not too many people use bobbin threads but I surely prefer it. It is lighter and combines with your embroidery thread smoothly. The bobbin thread is 60wt. and polyester as well. Use Polyester embroidery threads – 40wt. is preferable. The polyester embroidery threads last longer and have a variety of colors and bright tones.

I use many brands for my embroidery, but I prefer Madeira, Floriani, Robison-Anton, ThreadArt, and now Metro.

EDB Blog 6

What type of embroidery machine do you have and what thread do you prefer?